UNIAnthropological Association

Meeting Minutes

April 27, 2009:

  • Elections for next years officers were held and the results are in. Sam Hunt, Kelly Teale, and Michael Kopack will be next year's club leadership. We are also interested in individuals interested in chairing events, passing out fliers (or creating them), and general ideas people have as to ways the club can have some more fun! As always, we are looking for new members. An Anthropology major or minor is not required to join, so don't be shy, invite your friends!
  • The end of the year party will be held at Seerly Park on Friday May 1st. Grilling will begin at 5:30pm and all Anthropology professors, majors, and minors are encouraged to attend. It will be pot-luck style and a sign up sheet will be passed around in this semester's Anthropology classes to bring various side dishes, drinks, condements, and utlencils etc. Burgers and hot dogs will be provided with their corresponding bakery items by the club. Be on the look out for the sign up sheet! Alcoholic beverages are permitted within reason, however they will not count as your pot-luck contribution. Underage drinking or quantities that will result in public intoxication are prohibited.
  • In case of bad weather, the location will be changed to Dr. Woodrick's house. That announcement, should it be necessary, will come on thursday through an email and verbal class announcement.
  • If we don't see you at the grill out on Friday, have a great summer and we'll see you next fall!

    Feb. 2, 2009:

    • Darwin Days is coming to the Union next week and we need individuals to sign up to work the Anthro Association table. Some of the slots have already been filled, but the sign up sheet will be passed around in anthro classes to club members who haven't had a chance to sign up.
    • The web site will be undergoing some minor changes dealing mainly with asthetics and ease of use. We want to see some pictures up here, possibly from the students who went to dig school in the summer, and maybe even some from upcoming club functions. We all agreed that the site can be a great resource for club information and should be utilized as such.
    • A large interest in T-Shirts for this year was expressed, more to come on that front in the future.
    • Both at the last officer's meeting and at the club meeting today, a great interest in doing a spring camping trip to George Wyth State Park with anthro-themed activities. Kelly is going to contact the professors to see if they have an interest and/or suggestions for such an event. Updates on the trip can be found on the "Spring Trip" page on the web site. (www.uni.edu/studentorgs/anthro)

    • Activities for future anthro club meetings were meetings were presented. Some included:
    • Anthropology related movies/documentaries
    • Presentations from people who've gone to field school
    • Cultural themed crafts
    • Guided discussions on current events featuring Anthropology
    • A continuing project of some kind that could be worked on throughout a semester

    • The officers were considering having one officer's meeting a month to plan a lot of the logistics that take up most of the club meetings every month, so that the club meetings could be more focused on play rather than work.
    • A possible change in meeting time may come in the near future as attendance problems seem to be more common this semester. More on that subject to follow at future meetings.
    • Correspondance for lecturers for the series need to begin for the spring semester.
    • From us at the Anthro Club, hope everyone's semester is going great!