UNIAnthropological Association

Lecture Series:

The UNI Anthropological Association will be hosting a series of Anthropology related lectures this year. They will be comprised of both UNI and other Universities professors, as well as individuals from the Anthropology private or public sectors. It is our hope that these lectures will inspire those who have not been introduced to Anthropology as well as continue to enrich those of us who have been bitten by the human-study bug. Information on their dates and times will be posted here, so stay tuned!

Dr. Tyler O'Brien - Nov. 17

Topic: Artificial Cranial Deformation

7:00pm - Center for Multicultural Education 109

Our very own Dr. O'Brien from the anthropology department here at UNI will give a lecture on artificial cranial deformation at the CME in Maucker Union on Nov. 17th. A free oppertunity to expand that anthropological worldview!