UNIAnthropological Association

Book Sales!

The primary method of funding for the UNI Anthro Association is through the resale of second hand library books. Two of the Anthropology professors here at UNI have gone around to several libraries to collect books that they are no longer interested on keeping on their shelves, with hopes that we can find them a good home. The selection encompasses a wide variety of genres from historical fiction to cookbooks. With paperbacks at $0.50 and hardcovers at $1.00, our customers find it hard to beat these prices. All of the money from the book sale goes towards funding our adventures into the world of Anthropology every year. I'm sure your asking yourself, "When can I swing by and take advantage of this awesome oppertunity to restock my bookshelf?"

Our next book sale will be announced in the Spring Semester--Stay Tuned!