UNIAnthropological Association

UNI Anthropology Association:

Why Anthro?

The UNI Anthropological Association seeks to provide a venue for students that the University of Northern Iowa to share and enjoy activities, lectures, and friendships under the commonality of the study of us humans. If you've ever wondered why you look the way you do, why we make certain decisions as a society, where you can go to dig up stone tools, or even who came up with the pronunciation of the word "Colonel", then you should come to a meeting! Anthropology vibrantly encompasses so many aspects of the human experience and provides a vector to find the answers to these questions from a multidisciplinary perspective. The UNI Anthropological Association provides access to the world of Anthro without the rigor of tests and papers that we so often associate with any of the social sciences. If you have an idea for an event, let us know! If you have a specific interest in something humans have done or still do, bring it up! Maybe we can work on an event or activity dealing with it. Either way, we wholeheartedly encourage you to check out a meeting (Dates vary, but they are always Mondays at 3:00) if you're looking for a place to make friends, have fun, and maybe even learn a thing or two.

Meet the Officers!

Samantha Hunt

  • Major(s): Anthropology
  • Minor(s):
  • Favorite Anthropolist:

Kelly Teale

  • Major(s): Anthropology, History
  • Minor(s): None
  • Favorite Anthropologist: Dr. Li Jian

Michael Kopack - Web Designer

  • Major(s): Anthropology
  • Minor(s): Creative Writing
  • Favorite Anthropologist: Cesare Lombroso