UNIAnthropological Association


4-29-09: Minutes from last monday's meeting hae been posted. Also announcing our end of the year party on 5-1-09 at Seerly Park (Weather permitting, Dr. Woodrick's if it rains) starting at 5:30pm. It is pot-luck style and the meeting minutes feature details. All anthropology majors, minors, and professors are welcome. We look forward to seeing you there! (An update can be expected tomorrow as to whether or not the rain location will be used)

4-22-09: Happy Earth Day everyone! Just announcing our next and final meeting for the semester in ITTC 335 at 3:00pm on Monday 4-27-09. At the meeting we will discuss a possible end of the year get toether and hold next year's officer elections. We hope to see you there!

4-9-09: UPDATE: The Spring Camping trip has been cancelled due to lack of attendence. We are planning to do more publicizing and make it happen in the fall when the new school year starts. We apologize to any who were signed up to go and hope you will join us in the Fall.

4-6-09: The Spring Camping Trip is officially taking place this weekend. If you want to attend a weekend filled with exciting activities like flint knapping, hiking, and cooking over an open fire, let us know! RSVP to Kaitlin at kkorbitz@uni.edu for departure information. Let her know if you have supplies. If you need supplies, she can give you the appropriate information to rent them from the WRC. Prices are very reasonable. The weekend will be in Dundee, Iowa at Backbone State Park and should prove to be a lot of fun. See you there!

2-2-09: Welcome back everyone! The UNI Anthro Club held its first meeting today on the third floor of the ITTC building by the benches right off the elevator/stairs. Minutes to be posted shortly. Due to some difficulties in attendance some of the officers were debating changing our meeting time, more information on that to follow. Hope everyone's semester is going well!

12-9-08: Our final meeting for the fall 2008 semester was concluded on monday. More will be posted over break once some activites and tenative lectures have been decided. But until that time, everyone enjoy the holidays and their nice long winter break!

11-15-08: Book Sale RescheduledThe Association's sincerest apologies to any who showed up to the hemisphere lounge on Friday to find no book sale. Because of unforeseen circumstances a decision was made to call it off. Another book sale will likely take place early next semester however, so stay tuned for that update!

The lecture series however is still in full swing. Be sure to come to the Center for Multicultural Education on Monday night at 7:00pm.

11-10-08: Book Sale and Lecture Series News!

Tired of reading textbooks? Or want some supplimental textbook material? We've got everything from romance novels to horror stories; travel guides to political autobiographies. Come check out the Anthropology Association book sale in Maucker Union's Hemisphere Lounge all day from 9am-6pm. All at great prices!

Also be sure to check out the updated lecture series page where information on our first Anthropology Association sponsered lecture: Dr. Tyler O'Brien from our Anthropology Department on campus speaking on Artificial Cranial Deformation on Monday November 17th in the CME (Center for Multicultural Education located above Maucker Union) room 109. See you there!

11-6-08: Site Update & Meeting Time

Have some new site updates on the regional events page. Be sure to check it out for some weekend ideas related to anthropology. Also the next book sale is coming up so be sure to mark your calendars for 11-14-08! For club members, our next meeting is on Monday Nov. 10th at 3pm in Maucker Union by Chats. We'll see you there!-Mike Kopack

10-30-08: Book Sale and Site Updates!

Be sure to check out the "Book Sales" page linked to the right. It features information on our upcoming book sale. Let's make this one as much of a success as the last one. Also be sure to check out the "Links" page that is now updated with a wider variety of links to help aspiring anthropologists on their educational or professional path. Also I've added an upcoming regional events page for events pertinent to Anthropology not sponsered by the UNI Anthropological Association. Just because we're not affiliated doesn't mean we would miss these though, so check them out! Thanks for all the support from members and professors on the site, we hope to continue making improvements and I encourage anyone with something to say to email me through the "Info to post?" link below. -Mike Kopack

10-17-08: Website Launches!

Welcome to the new University of Northern Iowa Anthropological Association website! Hopefully this can develop into a useful tool for communication within the group as well as a source of information on our club for those not (yet) affiliated. Thanks for staying patient during the long application process and I'm happy to finally get things up and running! -Mike Kopack